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RAM (Rapid Analysis Method)

One of the most important phases during the whole software development procedure is the analysis. Any possible errors during this phase may be costly when the development begins. From the experience we have obtained from the past by performing the analysis for various organizations and for a number of applications, we know what to ask, who to ask, and how to ask in order to acquire the necessary information adequately and efficiently. We deploy in short time a series of screens and reports that provide in detail the suggested function of an application so to get your comments on completion before the programming starts.


RAD (Rapid Application Development)

With the use of an already set basis and other tools, Powersoft is capable to reduce development time, given that many of the functions needed by your application are already created. Often a lot of changes can be made in the properties of a function and have it ready to be used in your application, in just few minutes. This is the ease of object-oriented programming and Powersoft uses it widely. In addition, our prolonged experience in programs development led to the generation of a large collection of substructures and tools that can be used.



An important requirement for the development of a software system is the production of documentation. This is done in parallel with the development of the application. With the simultaneous production of documentation, without aggravating the application’s developmental time, we succeed in saving precious time during the future maintenance of the system. We have established strict principles in the naming / coding rules, so that one programmer almost always understands the source code generated by another programmer.



The Company’s systems are designed in such a way so as to ensure that:

  • The Company’s products cover or exceed the customers’ expectations.
  • Greater emphasis is paid on the prevention of any problems that might occur rather than on their discovery.
  • The causes of the problems are located and effective corrections are applied.
  • The suggestions from the users of the programs are evaluated and used in the design and production cycle of the product.
  • The products and the procedures for product design are steadily improved and upgraded.



The management of the company is committed above everything else to the quality planning and development of its systems. For this reason, in the development of any new product the procedures listed below are followed:

  • Preparation of Quality Planning
  • Establishment of various controls and procedures and utilization of monitoring equipment, tools and skills that are needed for making possible the desirable level of quality.
  • Securing the harmony and compatibility of the details and functions of the product, the control procedures and monitoring, as well as the necessary documentation.
  • Continuous renewal of the quality control procedures and techniques, along with the evolvement of the organization.
  • Recognition of the indicated verification on the appropriate phases that reach the product’s expectations.
  • Clarification of the acceptance standards for all the characteristics and requirements, including those elements that have subjectivity.
  • Establishment and preparation of quality records.